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7 reasons Planned Parenthood is done

by Dr. Gina

Planned Parenthood is in big trouble and cannot survive. It has become its own worst enemy. The Planned Parenthood butchers still believe that this will blow over and that they will continue killing babies and selling their parts for profit, but they’re delusional.

Here are the reasons why Planned Parenthood will not survive this scandal.

1) It’s not the crime; it’s the cover-up.

Does anyone remember Watergate? If Nixon had apologized and canned a few campaign staffers, that iconic scandal would have been forgotten quickly. The Planned Parenthood butchers went judge shopping and found a leftist in a black robe who would put a restraining order on Center for Medical Progress to keep it from releasing any more videos. They are also orchestrating a media blackout of the story – which leads me to No. 2.

2) The left does not control the flow of information any longer.

Traditionally, the left has been able to control the media. If a leftist group like the Planned Butcherhood abortionists want a negative story to go away, they call their buddies at the network news channels and they ask them not to cover the story. And if they want to control the story narrative, they send an email over to their alphabet-soup network friends, and their talking points are regurgitated verbatim. The left still holds that same influence over the news media, but no one watches them anymore!

Social media is where everyone under 40 gets their news.

The Media Research Center has been documenting the network coverage of the Planned Parenthood baby-butchering scandal, and there is definitely a media blackout of the story.

I joined Neil Cavuto and Rich Noyes of Media Research Center on Fox News to discuss the media blackout.

On social media, Planned Parenthood has been trending for weeks. Just as it drops off of the top trending list of topics, another video is released and it starts trending again. And that is exactly why people are turning off the news and going to social media to get their news.