6 ways Trump is winning on social issues

Trump has confounded pundits who have repeatedly predicted his demise. There are a few reasons why he resonates so well with Americans. Even though the other candidates aren’t Trump, there are tips they could use for connecting in a Trump-like manner with the American people.

I have always maintained in my writing and speeches that there is no such thing as a social issue – that it is hyperbole imposed by statists to make conservatives’ winning issues off limits for debate. All issues are fiscal issues, I believe, because they all have fiscal impact. Take abortion, for example, the most quintessential “social issue” of the day. The Planned Parenthood videos show that money is the motivation behind aborting babies to sell their body parts. Also, when taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood to the tune of $1.5 million per day, that can hardly be relegated to a social issue. That is very definitely a fiscal issue, as well.

On our tour for our bestselling book, “What Women Really Want,” we asked women what they really want. They said they wanted national security, economic security and constitutional solvency. Ironically, that was the same thing men really wanted. Even more ironically, most women didn’t feel like the issues being discussed in the media were the things that really mattered to them (birth control, abortion access, equal pay), and they were more inclined to believe there was a war on men in the U.S., than a war on women.