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Attacks on Trump are Backfiring

I believe Beltway Republicans and leftist agitators could hand Donald Trump the presidential election. The more they attack Trump, the more the rest of America loves Trump.

The politicians and media in D.C. and NYC live in a bubble that makes them unable to relate to the rest of America.

Donald Trump has been repeatedly attacked by the left and the Beltway Republicans. George Will and Jeb Bush are the latest in a long line of Beltway types who deem Trump unelectable for speaking the unspeakable – that which is on the mind and heart of Middle America.

Middle America has been told to sit down and shut up every time it has tried to object to the Beltway boys’ next compromise. The Beltway boys seem to continue on the path of compromising all that is sacred to those they claim to represent, and they seem to be in denial that more than 30 percent of their own party has said they won’t vote based on party in the next election.

So, how does one attract those independents who feel alienated by the Beltway electeds, and believe them to be more committed to the wallets of Wall Street than to those who elected them?

I have never been a fan of Donald Trump. I have met him in person, and I still wasn’t impressed. I find him a bit hard to take. I would have been the first to laugh had you told me a year ago that he could be the presidential nominee….