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‘Dr. Gina’ to give ‘Crossroads in History’ commencement talk

Returning to her alma mater, William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri, as the 2015 commencement speaker, Dr. Gina Loudon – author, columnist, television commentator and talk show host – is addressing graduates and their families at 10 a.m. in the school’s Cutlip Auditorium May 9.

“I see it as a huge open door from God to talk about freedom,” Loudon told WND. “We are really at a crossroads in our history. People alive today have more of an opportunity to make history than ever before.”

She added: “The next year and a half will determine the course of the free world, and to be at your jumping-off point at this moment in history is a huge opportunity for these graduates. I’m so thankful to talk to tomorrow’s leaders about how they can be involved in the struggle to defend freedom.”

Along with Morgan Brittany and Ann-Marie Murrell, Loudon is the author of “What Women Really Want.” And as she will tell graduates, she believes it is critically important at this historic time for every person to fulfill their “civic duty” of political involvement – including women.

“Ten years ago, if you were a mother, you could stay at home and ‘raise an army,’ as some people put it to me. But today, by the time your children grow up, the war will already have been lost. As mothers, grandmothers and aunts, we no longer have the luxury of being uninvolved. You can bring your children with you on campaigns, and if you can’t leave the house, you can work to promote freedom online or through social media.”

Loudon follows her own advice, serving as a regular guest on Fox News, writing a weekly column for WND, and working as a national speaker and analyst while homeschooling her five children, including an adopted son with Down Syndrome… (CLICK TO CONTINUE READING AT WND.COM)