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Dr. Gina exposes environmentalist-created fallacy costing billions

I found it supremely ironic this week that two of the big stories were about a man-made lack of water in California, and a man lost in a vast sea off of Florida.

Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown announced the dire circumstances, not from the Capitol in Sacramento, but from the dramatic backdrop of a mountaintop. His narrative held that there should be five feet of “snow pack,” but alas, there was none. Brown, and the radical Marxists, couched as “environmentalists” he represents, have convinced most Americans to hold two radically opposing views simultaneously. Ostensibly, California is in danger of being flooded by rising sea levels caused by global warming and melting polar ice caps, and it is also utterly out of water.

There is no shortage of water. This is an environmentalist-created drought that is costing billions.

I waver between utter disgust and admiration when I watch how the leftists sell these things, always with straight faces. Every major news outlet in America and many around the world swallowed the narrative like fish on a baited hook. They tell us there is no water, no snow to provide water for the summer, and the farmers are taking too much so people must suffer…



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