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A More Political Jesus

He’s back.

If you look back over the landscape of politics for the last decade or two, you see one where the conversations about Jesus were mostly relegated to the churches, and there, they were increasingly watery and convoluted. This body politic found no problem twice electing a president whose pastor famously spouted the exhortation for our Lord to damn America. The resulting Obama presidency has been a one-man crusade against every sacredly held belief of Christianity and every precept of freedom.

The easy days for churches are gone. A very political Jesus just stepped back into the political spotlight, and this will most definitely separate the men from the boys.

I submit to you this is a testing ground, and if the sacrifice of Easter and the Resurrection don’t convince you to jump into the political arena, I would say you don’t understand the politics of Jesus.

Jesus upset every political power when He came to proclaim his reign over kings. Jesus turned over tables when citizens were taxed unjustly. Jesus set an example of the most in-your-face political being in the history of mankind. His message was love, but you can’t love something you aren’t willing to fight for. Even those who don’t believe in Him don’t doubt his political power. But, too often, Christians do.

When the threat of Islam took center stage, I remember shaking my head as I heard Christian after Christian ask this question: Have you read the Quran?

My question to them was this: Have you read the Bible?