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Obama and Netanyahu: Children of enemies

When you compare the psychology of President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and figure into the formula their paternal histories, behaviors of the two men and the politics of the day start to make a lot of sense.

The impact of socialist policies and feminism are manifest in our national security policy and on the international political stage. The exodus of fathers from the home has far more impact than the average citizen may realize.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America, one-third of the children in America today, live in father-absent homes. Ninety percent of parents surveyed in America recognize this is a crisis, and yet national and international policy continue to perpetuate the problem, with little end in sight.

President Obama is affected by “father toss,” as we call it in my field, because his father left him as a baby and he longed his entire life for his return, and approval (“Dreams from My Father”). Even the very title of his book, “Dreams from My Father,” tells a story of a child damaged and forever impacted by a father who rejected him. Obama openly discusses his drive to continue his dead father’s legacy in his book.

Psychoanalysts have long studied the impact typical of boys in Obama’s situation… (CLICK TO CONTINUE READING)