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My friend, a white guy who’ll never be on TV


I was at dinner last night in Washington, D.C., with a group of friends. One of my friends named John leaned over and asked me if I could help him get on TV. I get that a lot. TV is about the only thing my friend, John, isn’t doing, so he seemed to think this was an important next step for him in his career.

I am not sure why highly successful people who are doing amazing things in pioneering journalism seem to think that they need to be on TV, but they do. I guess the Koch brothers just aren’t cutting it for some. (That is a joke, and if you don’t get it, you clearly need to read my work a lot more.)

The thing you should know about my friend is that he is top shelf. The guy has built a mini empire in the conservative movement by creating very innovative avenues to attract devotees to his wildly successful website. My friend is one of the most intelligent, expressive, creative people I know. He is also generous, and he would help me if the situation were reversed. But it won’t be.

I have helped many of my friends, and many have become very successful on various national and local television venues. But I couldn’t help John.

I had to tell my friend the truth: I think his chances of moving from writing phenom to television are slim… (CLICK TO CONTINUE READING)


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