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The New Nazis’ ‘peace-loving’ agenda

It is sweeping America. There have been lynchings of blacks, Jews and homosexuals throughout the U.S. and Europe. Some say the movement’s goal is to eradicate anyone who is not loyal to their ideology. Others say that only a small minority of New Nazis actually ever kill anyone, so to blame the movement as a whole is painting with a broad brush.

But bodies are stacking up all over the world, and governments are scrambling for solutions.

While the New Nazis have signaled total demise of all who do not choose their doctrine, they maintain that theirs is a very loving belief – one where all people can get along provided they never insult their founder.

Many non-Nazis agree. “I have neighbors who are the nicest people in the world. They seem very loving,” said pastor Allen Thompson of the New Believers for Tolerance Church in Hartford, Connecticut.

“I mean, who are we to say they should not be able to believe what they believe? That’s their faith,” he said. “We can’t judge all based on the actions of a few radical racists! Some people just like white skin and blonde hair. That doesn’t make them evil! They are free to believe what they want. That’s what America is all about.”

The New Nazi leaders say there are many moderate Nazis who don’t believe in the killings of Jews, homosexuals and blacks… (CLICK TO CONTINUE READING AT WND.COM)