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Super Bowl ads that are likely to generate some commotion (Video)


This year’s Super Bowl is already generating more heat and light than most editions of the Big Game, primarily because of Deflategate, which is not a flashpoint only in the minds of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the most blindered of New England fans. But come Monday morning, the much-ballyhooed ads that fill the time between timeouts, penalties, and periods will also be grist for water cooler conversations.
This year companies lucky enough to land 30 seconds of the vaunted air space for their goods and services will pay $4.5 million for the privilege. One of the commercials you will not see is GoDaddy’s “lost puppy” ad, which the company pulled after numerous complaints from pet owners.
Not to worry, though. Budweiser has come through with a “lost dog” ad of its own:



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