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by Dr. Gina

As we wait for the Supreme Court to decide if gay marriage will become the new Roe v. Wade, LGBT has zeroed in on a new target: children. Current LGBT leaders are now advancing their (not so) open-minded ranks into the classroom for the indoctrination and intimidation of our children.

The Queer Student Alliance, or QSA, a student group that goose-steps right alongside LGBT leadership, is now charging into public schools and bullying children who choose not to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle.

Like a page straight out of Saul Alinsky’s rulebook, children from the classrooms are selected, then isolated, then interrogated about whether they and their parents can speak the LGBT imposed language and abide by all of their rules. There are right answers and wrong answers. If the children answer incorrectly, they are first mocked, then given LGBT manifestos that dictate the mandated tenets of appropriate LGBT words, dogma and creed. Do it, and do it perfectly, or be castigated. Tolerance for all!

Some of the appropriate homosexual words are mind-boggling, especially to a school-aged child: Agender, Bigender, Demi-Boy, Gender Neutral, Gender Queer, Gray Gender, Gray Sexual, Intersex, Pan-Sexual, Poly Amorist, Poly-Sexual …

Do I need to go on?

Getting my doctorate was far less confusing than the LGBT (do I really have to add “Q” on here? How many letters already?!) version of the new tolerance targeting our children today.

Take the new gender-free… (CLICK TO CONTINUE READING AT WND.COM)