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The case against term limits


The case against term limits
By Dr. Gina Loudon

On July 2, 1992, I stood on a black asphalt parking lot in St. Louis, Missouri, dripping sweat. The thermometer on my car read 97 degrees. The humidity made it feel like an oven. I had homework to do for my master’s degree, and I didn’t want to stand in that parking lot for one more moment. I wanted to go home.

But I felt like a Spartan warrior woman. I owed it to future generations to gather signatures for the constitutional amendment that would forever change how politics in Missouri played out. I wanted to pass term limits to clean out the 30-year establishment incumbents that held all the power (and corruption), and that the citizens just could never seem to defeat in an election. I wanted to clean up the way things were done in the Missouri Legislature. I would stand there until dark that day, and the next, and the next …

In the wake of the re-election of House Speaker John Boehner, many are calling for term limits to eradicate what they see as entrenched establishment power and corruption. To quote Bill Clinton, I honestly “feel their pain,” but I want to make a point I feel is critical at this point in our political journey.



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