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Popcorn politics: Coming soon to a theater near you

Think of it like the sequel to your favorite Bogie and Bacall movie, served to you in your bed, with all the butter on your popcorn that you can stand. It’s hot. Here is a review of some of the feature shows of the next political season.

“The Budget Battle,” starring Elizabeth Warren and Goldman Sachs. Hillary Clinton wanted to be president, ever since she was Bill Clinton’s “little filly standin’ by her man” as he cheated, blue-dress style. First, her presidency was stolen by Barack Hussein Obama. Now another thief, a woman, enters the scene, promising nails-on-chalkboard action, suspense, and bodies turning up in strange places. In the first battle scene, Warren’s character emerges victorious in what promises to build to a climax so epic, it could destroy her party. In a scene only Hollywood could create, Warren actually panders to Main Street after living on Wall Street for most of her political life. Still, Hillary’s partner in crime, Bill, has taken more than $400,000 in speaking fees from Wall Street’s own Goldman Sachs, and this may be enough to save Warren when the sharks start to circle. No one has more enemies inside the beltway than the Clintons, but few wield their level of power, either. A twisted plot of conspiracy and revenge…