Mike Brown’s companion ‘very upset, let down’

Dorian Johnson, who was with Michael Brown when he was shot to death by police Officer Darren Wilson, told WND Monday after a grand jury decided not to bring charges against Wilson that he’s “very upset” and stands by his claim the 18-year-old black teen’s hands were raised in surrender just before he died.

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough made the announcement a few minutes after 8 p.m. Monday in the courthouse in the St. Louis County seat of Clayton.

McCullough detailed the evidence presented to the grand jury and gave a moment-by-moment account of what happened Aug. 9 on a Ferguson, Missouri, street.

McCullough said blood and DNA evidence confirmed Wilson’s story that Michael Brown came to the driver’s door of the police car and reached inside. A struggle over the officer’s sidearm ensued and two bullets were fired inside the car. Brown turned to run away, and Wilson gave chase on foot. Witnesses confirmed Brown turned and came back toward Wilson. At that point, he fired several shots and fatally wounded Brown.

Johnson responded to WND questions through his attorney, James Williams.

“My client stands by his statement that Michael Brown’s hands were in the air…”