2 Things Women Want that Dems Can’t Offer

The most terrifying thing to Democrats right now is a hard-working, independent provider. That is simultaneously the thing that is the most attractive to 90 percent of women in America.

This week, Gwyneth Paltrow fawned all over President Obama, saying that she couldn’t form words because she couldn’t stop looking at him. She then talked about him like a spouse who was trying to provide for her.

Her mind is telling her that if he only had those mean Republicans out of the way, he could be the man he promised he would be, and she would have what she needs as a working mom (government-enforced “fair pay,” government-enforced environmental controls, government enforced …). Obama is her imaginary lover.

Why would someone who fancies herself an independent woman even want such controls from an already overreaching government?

Because all women want protection.

Paltrow obviously has no understanding of the separation of powers, or what makes someone truly free and strong, but she has, in a sense, married Obama. She is not only flirting with him, terrified he will leave her, and believing his excuses as to why he can’t adequately provide for her (gridlock in Congress), she is in love with a fantasy of a “man” who simply cannot provide what she needs.

One of the most controversial things we have said on our tour for our new book, “What Women Really Want,” is that real women want real men.

This really gets the glare of the feminists in the room, but a lot of conservative women have questioned us about what we mean by that.

Why does a man like John Wayne appeal to women? Why don’t the new wanna-be hipsters with the skinny jeans and feminine faces appeal to women? Why isn’t the role of provider working out for Obama?

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