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Patriot Nurse Blocks Obama’s Illegals

Posted By Gina Loudon at

SAN DIEGO – Early in America’s history, citizens took to the streets in protests, or even blockades, if their elected officials dared ignore them.

But today, small-town mayors are standing down as the federal government dumps thousands of sick and dangerous illegal aliens on them with no resources to help and no ability to enforce the laws that would repatriate them to their home countries.

“It’s lawlessness,” said Patrice Lynes, a nurse and organizer of the Murrieta, California, blockade that caused a planned illegal-alien drop-off in her city to be turned back Tuesday.

One hundred protesters prevented the bus carrying mostly children from entering the holding facility where they were to be dropped.

Lynes told WND that when she heard about the scheduled drops, she knew laws were already on the books that made the federal government’s actions an illegal activity.

After speaking with friends, Lynes and others decided to stage demonstrations against the drops in Murrieta…

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