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Why The Left Loves A Violent Riot


Dr. Gina warns, ‘Mob mentality plus lack of religion is perfect recipe for tyranny’

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Post-championship riots at the University of Connecticut last week prove to the keen political eye that we are experiencing a ripe new level of susceptibility to tyranny in our political psyche. This should sound the warning alarms in the heads of those with an understanding of history and a vision for the future of America.

There is a political use for the mob mentality, and our founders understood that well. That is why they designed a representative republic instead of a democracy. Many in our country, including the president, continue to refer to our system of government as a democracy. It isn’t, and that matters. This is a substantive omission, and here’s why.

The difference between a republic and democracy is that a republic is far less susceptible to mob rule than a democracy. By design, democracy allows majority rule, even tyrannical rule, if it is supported by the majority. Our founders knew…


 Here is Dr. Gina’s appearance on Hannity regarding the UConn riots:


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