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Bloody Assaults On Our Liberty Going Too Far

Dr. Gina warns country to ‘wake up, throw traitors out of office’

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Two major things have happened this month that ought to have Americans putting down the remote controls and trading in their ball tickets for some prepper items!

Most Americans probably have little awareness of these bloody assaults on their liberty. Those who do know probably have no idea why they should be upset.

President Obama is selling out American sovereignty at every turn. He did it with unilateral missile disarmament and his constant bent to fix our Constitution, which he believes is the problem. He does it with the constant reverence for international law, of himself, and all his judicial appointees. He did it when he canceled the space shuttle program and made America dependent on Russia for trip to the American … err International Space Station. His most glaring violation of American sovereignty may be his agreement to simply give away American control of the Internet to the “global community.” What troubles me the most right now is that U.S. taxpayers have no choice but to pay $71 million to send an American astronaut to space in a clunker Russian spaceship called Soyuz!

As Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto put it, “The country that conquered the stars and ruled the world … reduced to thumbing rides to get into space … but this isn’t stuff. This is our soul.”