When Good Men Do Nothing

Dr. Gina compares Putin’s actions to those of world’s most evil leaders

author-image WND-Logo112x40 by GINA LOUDON, PhD

“Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it”

Nov. 9, 2014, marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I plan to be there to write about it and report on it, to remind the world what it means in the face of Putin and world politics today.

I was there on my honeymoon when the wall came down. But the irony goes deeper.

I met my husband in the very church, in the very place, where Winston Churchill made his “Iron Curtain” speech. We married in that same place on the Westminster College campus four years later, just two weeks after I graduated from my undergrad program. We honeymooned in Europe and chopped on the Berlin Wall at the same time as President Reagan, alongside those who had been caged by that wall. We then returned from Europe to see President Reagan dedicate a massive portion of the Iron Curtain just outside the little church where we married months before that day. We still have pieces of the wall to remind our children that history can repeat itself and that we have been witness to its atrocities. This isn’t a movie, or a myth. Evil is real.

There will be huge celebrations marking the occasion in Germany, especially Berlin