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Talk Radio Still Powerhouse of Conservative Ideas

‘Have you ever listened to a liberal talk show? Whine and whine and whine’

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When talk radio king Rush Limbaugh commented on Sandra Fluke’s desire to have free birth control, many thought the days were numbered for the conservative icon, and his medium, talk radio.

When Phil Robertson made his comments about sexual orientation and faith, many thought his days in television were over.

But Limbaugh remains the king of the hill in talk radio, and Robertson’s back on the screen, freely dispensing his advice on life and liberty.

James Hirsen, a media and legal analyst, reports hit shows with a conservative message, like Robertson’s “Duck Dynasty,” are destroying their competition.

For example, Fox News, the most conservative of the majors, recently was reported as having almost double the viewers of its liberal sisters, CNN and MSNBC, combined.

On the other side, the news isn’t quite the same.

The New York Daily News recently published the headline “What killed the liberal radio star?” and said, “When WWRL 1600 AM flips its format from progressive talk to Spanish-language music and talk, New York will have no left-leaning commercial talk station…