Broken Dreams of My Father

Dr. Gina notes radical shift in psychology of tyrannical left

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The Association for Psychological Science released a study that says liberals tend to have a false sense of uniqueness, and conservatives tend to have a false sense of consensus. Liberals tend to fancy themselves the rebel or minority, even when they are clearly not. Conservatives tend to think that most people with common sense probably agree with them, even when they do not.

We see this psychological phenomenon repeated in our culture today over and over. To the average conservative, leftists look like cookie-cutter copies of one another.

Take political correctness. Leftists subscribe in lock-step, while conservatives shake their heads at the lemming mentality they believe they see. Leftists often see themselves as lonely, noble activists, while conservatives look at them and see copies of copies of copies.

Likewise, conservatives tend to think that if they just talk about the U.S. Constitution, everyone should fall into agreement and all of our problems as a nation will float away like tea in the Boston Harbor. But conservatives have come to learn that no matter how common sense their views might seem to them, not everyone understands or even cares to understand their answers to the problems plaguing the U.S. today.

Sometimes journalists find the most fascinating interviews right under their noses. Today I learned that to venture inside the radically liberal, tyranny-endorsing mindset, I only have to go as far as my own father. A self-made, wealthy man, my father despises my values and my work. I am the epitome of his broken dreams, as his only child who disagrees with his most closely held convictions of zero population growth, full world endorsement of the United Nations and abortion on demand.