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Dr. Gina detects ‘publicity seekers become marketing whores’

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Sex sells. And no good free-market loving proponent would deny a company’s right to leave those decisions to supply and demand.

But when do publicity seekers become marketing whores?

Google came up with glasses that have captured more headlines than the new iPhones. The Google Glass has sparked controversy that a public relations firm can only dream about, and techno competitors naturally want a piece of the action.

So, one envisions the nerds in Silicon Valley sitting around trying to come up with headlines instead of technological advances. Why does Google get to have all the fun?

Last week, Amazon shamelessly announced that it is “looking into” delivering packages by drone. There is no mistake in the timing – right at Christmas, little drones disguised as Santa’s Sleigh were dancing through the minds of shopping addicts across the country. Amazon knew there was no chance of their drones being approved for flight by the FAA, but they enjoyed a wave of free press anyway.



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