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Sen. John Loudon Found To Be Most Conservative Senator!


Who’s the Farthest of Them All? Scores Show State Legislator Leanings

State legislators often like to proclaim the strength of their political leanings, whether it’s to the left or right. Their conservative or liberal reputation can help garner votes, fend off primary challengers, and secure fundraising for upcoming elections; however, labels can also hinder those efforts.  In the past we only had anecdotal evidence to determine a legislator’s partisan bent.  Now data is available that shows the strength of their intensity – liberal or conservative.

Researchers from the University of Chicago and Princeton University have mapped out the ideological divide in each state by assigning scores to state legislators…


Senators ranked as the most conservative are John Loudon, followed by Chuck Purgason, Luann Ridgeway, Bill Stouffer and then Matt Bartle and Delbert Scott (tied).  Senators ranked as the most liberal are Jolie Justus, followed by Rita Days, Mary Bland, and then Joan Bray.

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