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Dr. Gina exposes addictive cycle of dependency plaguing nation

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Creating dependency degrades those who indulge and makes saps of those who do not. Worse, the tighter we weave the social safety net, the more we destroy the beautiful fabric of the nuclear family. The socialist Democrats in the United States are driving America to the dystopia of George Orwell’s “1984″ and Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” and the front-line victims do not even see it.

A businessman was complaining about his constantly rising workers compensation costs. He was facing closing his small manufacturing plant, or moving to a friendlier state. Staying in the only state he ever knew was no longer an option.

He had a long-time employee who never did more than just enough to get passing scores. When competitive pressure forced the foreman to press him to step it up, he resisted. The foreman threatened to put a note to that effect in his personnel file. So the worker then informed the boss that his back hurt. He yelled, walked out and was not heard from until he sent a note in from a doctor saying he needed back treatment. The next time his co-workers saw him was when he showed up at the plant in his new RV, bought with the workers’ compensation insurance settlement check. He was headed to Florida. Imagine what this communicated to his otherwise dedicated former co-workers.



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