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Two Letters to Dr. Gina from Obama Supporters

Letter #1

Hi Gina,

I just wanted to contact you because I just saw the episode of Wife Swap and wanted to let you know that I felt you were very dignified and respectful. I have a degree in political science, I was active in the Obama campaign and disagree with your views. However, I wanted to compliment you on your conduct in the Envy home because I think your composure was admirable and deserves recognition.

I did not feel that you threw your beliefs at them. I did see that they were baiting you to talk about your beliefs when it appeared to me that you were making a strong effort to be receptive to their lifestyle.

While I personally disagree with your beliefs, I have a lot of respect for people who can maintain their composure and conduct themselves with such dignity. I really was very impressed by you. I appreciated it and I am very sorry that the Envy family did not. I think that you set a great example for other people, your children, and all Americans in your appearance. I am thankful that there are conservatives like you and hope that you have been an inspiration to them as you have to me. I hope it means a little more coming from someone with opposite political views.

I admire you, you seem like a very cool lady and you have a beautiful family.



Letter #2

I have just read your vile and disgusting birthday “wish” for Obama. You have every right to criticize our president
and find faiult with him nd his administrtion, but I wish you would at least get your facts right .
You are obviously a very nasty, mean-spirited,  dishonest and  stupid woman . What you hve written is a pack of lies .
There is not one shred of truth to what you hve written, and  your extreme bias against president Obama could not be more
obvious .
You are stupidly and dishonestly blaming him for everything that hs gone wrong in America and all our problems,
conveniently ignoring the horrible damage  the abominable GOP has done to America under former president Bush ,
who ruined the U.S. economy, poured an unconscionble amount of money down th e drain in the futile nd disstrous
Iraq war, which he lied to  justify starting .  He is a war criminal and is responsible for the deaths of 4.000 Americnn
service personell . While not an evil mn, his presidency was catastrophic for America , and now you are stupidly and
dishonestly blaming Obama for everything . You make me sick, madam !
   Obama is to blame for abortion in America ? You blithering idiot ! He has absolutely no power to stop women from
having them , nd even if he declared abortion illegal, which would be totaly unconstitutional and  make him
deserving not only of impechment but removal from office ,it would hve done NOTHING to stop abortion in America ,
you despicable fool !   In fact, his administration is striving to PREVENT as many abortions as possible by providing
more help to poor pregnant women, but the idiots in the GOP have been blocking him.
Sandra Fluke ? Rush Limbaugh said despicable things about her .  She is entitled to have contraceptives .
This is better than abortion, you hypocritical moron !   The GOP wants to make abortion illegal yet abolish
desperately needed help for the poor which will only cause the abortion rate to SKYROCKET !
Obama is NOT to blame for th e high suicide rate among  soldiers ,you idiot ! But what do you care for the
facts ? NOTHING, you worthless and despicable woman !
Obama has “dumbed down our schools ” BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Anthony Weiner et al ?   What about all th e hypocritical “family values” GOP politicians in Washington who
are guilty of  serial adultery, fathering illegitimate children,  frequenting prostitutes male and female,
having sex with minors male and female,  and thundering gainst homosexuality to look good in the eyes of conservatove citizens and the churches  but who are  LIVING IN THE CLOSET as gays ? Hypocritical scum !
    Benghazi ?   This is disgustingly hypocritical.  During the two catstrophic terms of George W. Bush , there were niumerous
terrorist attacks by Muslims on  U.S. embassies and over 50 Americans died ! Where was the republican outrage ?
THE SILENCE WAS DEAFENING, you hypocritical  scoundrel !
     Planned Parenthood provides desperately neede dhealth care for so many poor women who would otherwise be unable to afford it.
Abortions are only a small part of what it offers and it has never forced women to have abortions, you idiot !
They do so of their own free will and becuse of their own personal problems . What do nti-choice hypocrites like you
care for children once they are born ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING . Even worse, you have nothing but hostility toward
fetuses which grow up to be gay !
    You ar e disgusting, despicable and beneath contempt !   And a total idiot too !!!!! People like you are  a cancer on America .
“World nut daily” (my spelling) is the official website of the American Taliban .  Joseph Farah,  Bradlee Dean, Scott Lively, Matt Barber, Larry Klayman , Les Kinsolving  and most of the others who write for this loathsome right-wing extremist rag
are the lowest scum on earth !  Lying,  bigoted, hateful , hypocritical, narrow-minded,  intolerant, self-righteous ,
fanatical  ,  evil  pieces of filth !
    While the democartic party is far from perfect, it does not even come remotely close to being as  abominable as the GOP,
which has morphed into the most evil, corrupt and dangerous organization on the planet .
     With utter, contempt, loathing and disgust , Robert Berger, a proud and patriotic LIBERAL American .