The Racial Lawsuit America Needs

Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon reveals ‘real spreaders of hate, carnage and death’

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“We are organizing racial minorities for change.”

Those are the words of the Communist Party USA.

We know the playbook: Racial minority is harmed. White man is blamed. Democrat politicians, race-baiting hucksters and leftist media hit the airwaves, launch the protest and scream for their version of justice. They decry the racist society, and they create a list of usually vague, immeasurable demands.

The race-baiting statists’ latest is to scream for the defeat of “Stand your ground” laws, which save more black people than white, by far. Their hypocrisy is that they blame a mythical image of some white slave owner who doesn’t exist, while they support the eugenic holocaust of dead black babies and an entitlement system that keeps people on virtual plantations. They are immediately discredited by their actions, which speak much louder than the deceptive words used to control those they deem “useful idiots.”

And then there is the unspeakable.



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