Obama Can Learn a Lesson from Dubai

Dr. Gina Loudon offers proven blueprint to ‘get America booming again’

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WND has reported extensively on the failed efforts of U.S. first lady Michelle Obama to impose her brand of healthy eating on American school children. Even her own daughters, Sasha and Malia, opted out of healthy eating for Asian cuisine, and one school boycotted her food regimen. It isn’t working, but that isn’t what matters to Michelle Obama. Based on her actions, what matters to her is that those who are useful to her keep believing that she means well.


The Obama administration has blamed the “obesity epidemic” on poor access to nutritious food because of the limited resources in blighted areas across the country. But east of the U.S., other countries are finding that obesity comes from an overabundance of options and poor eating choices.


The prosperous emirate of Dubai has become known for its lavish lifestyle, high-end shopping and fat-cat real estate brokerages. But Dubai officials apparently think the indulgence has gone too far.


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