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Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon reveals plan for government to take more power

If you were listening to the breaking news reports on Friday in Southern California, you may have been on the lookout for a crazy white guy with an assault rifle. The media have to be disappointed now that the shooter has been identified as a man of Lebanese descent who was not a conservative-Republican-tea-party type who could be labeled a “right-wing extremist.”

The shooting at Santa Monica State College took place over the course of 10 minutes. He killed his father and brother before heading to the campus. The college is, of course, a gun-free zone, so the shooter knew where he would face the least resistance. One person carrying a concealed handgun could have ended the violence much sooner had they not been in California, and on a college campus, where there are few concealed-carry permits issued. (That is, unless you’re a celebrity or politician.)

Now that they can’t blame the shooting on a “violent” right-winger, the statists have shifted their focus to mental health. A Los Angeles Times story reported, “The gunman accused of killing four people in a Santa Monica shooting rampage Friday was apparently angry over his parents’ divorce and had some mental health issues in the past, a law enforcement source told The Times.”

Mark my words, at some point in the future, a shooting will occur and the suspect will be connected to the tea party or another conservative group.



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