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06.26.13 – DOMA and Prop 8 SCOTUS Decisions, Wacky Lib News, and Follow Up on Child Protective Services Audit

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Jennifer Roeback Morse from the Ruth Institute on the Prop 8 decision from the Supreme Court

Ruby Dillon – California mother who is fighting Child Protective Services for the return of her daughter

Joe Messina and all of his wacky liberal news of the week

Mentioned on the show:

From AmericanGrizzlies.com – @AGUGrizzlies: The #SCOTUS Ruling On #Prop8 Would Not Be Needed If California #LGBT And #NOH8 Could Read

Child Protective Services tearing families apart

2016 Poll: Who can win Ohio?

Hillary Clinton gearing up for presidential run

Weiner Leads in Race for New York City Mayor

It is too racist to show pictures of terrorists???

Rush Limbaugh says Obama is one of the most successful presidents

Prosecutors seek gag order on student’s NRA T-Shirt case

Justice Scalia: “High-Handed Kennedy has declared us Enemies of the Human Race”

SCOTUS finds DOMA unconstitutional