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American Psychosis: Death, The New Normal


Exclusive: Dr. Gina Loudon examines ‘profile of a nation in psychopathy’



Margaret Sanger is laughing in her grave. Her little known eugenic plot, and the very reason she founded Planned Parenthood, is winning.

Many in America were shocked by the images from the Gosnell trial. Now, some are horrified by the testimony of the women who worked in Douglas Karpen’s abortion clinic. He is the Texas physician infamous for wringing the necks of babies as a farmer would harvest a chicken. Justice will be done. Gosnell has been found guilty and will go away for life. The same fate will likely come to Karpen, but the pro-life community should not accept that as a victory.

If prison sentences for two abortionists out of hundreds active in the “profession” are the only “victory” pro-lifers can claim, then this is a loss.

The effect of these events on our collective psychology is alarming. Every time we see an image of a baby with its neck snipped, we become a little more desensitized. Every time we read a story about a fully developed baby with its head twisted off by an abortionist, it becomes a little more normal.

The next time you call a friend about the terrible things happening in an abortion clinic, it won’t be the kind of shock it was the last time it was reported. It will be old news. The mainstream news media were so unaffected by the news of Karpen twisting the heads off of babies, that it barely made conservative talk radio!



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