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April 19, 2013

Who is Really to Blame for Dead Children?

By Gina Loudon


The mental health professions are failing. Those of us who are in the profession know why.  To face the reality of what we have done would be too painful, too overwhelming, too damning to admit.  Instead, we continue the lies in hopes that vindication will come with the next wonder drug or distraction.  Apologists in the mental health fields say we need “a tighter focus on mental health” after the revelations of infanticide in an abortion clinic and mass shooting in an elementary school.  A “focus” on mental health is a red herring.  It has little to do with real answers, because the mental health professionals have no answers.  The focus is on money.  

No matter how much they say they want to save women and babies from atrocities like the one that took place at the hands of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, or save children from mass school shootings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School, actions speak louder than words.  As the politicians and pundits shift blame to the lack of mental health funding, it is high time mental health professionals like me talk about the real cover-up going on.  Our greed and self importance have harmed countless innocent lives.

I think I know why mental health “professionals” continue to grasp for answers, and have none when it comes to the slaying of innocent children.  The mental health profession has been indulged for too long.  Here are three examples:

1)   The profession promotes a Marxist philosophy that overrides any dissenting opinion, no matter how solid the research to the contrary.  Our profession places a higher priority on political philosophy than on the clients’ mental health…