Dr. Gina goes out on a limb, fights culture wars, receives lots of support

Why? Why would someone go on reality TV’s, “Wife Swap?” That’s the question that seems to be on the lips of conservatives and Tea Party activists across the country, as they learned of one of the movement’s most conservative family’s decision to appear on the ABC network show.

Dr. Gina Loudon, of the Dr. Gina Show and one of the original founders of the St. Louis Tea Party, finds herself in the middle of the latest conservative movement’s controversy because, as she puts it, “There comes a time when you look at the culture that were in and you ask yourself the question what am I really doing?” Loudon contends that she went to California to be a part of the culture war.

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  1. You are pretty simple minded and gullible if you don’t realize that this show was a set up from the beginning and was heavily edited. Your comment was not edited or taken out of context and it shows that you are hypocritical and judgemental. Just another open minded, tolerant liberal.

    1. Farley, I bet you believe in fairy-tales and unicorns too! I can see how it is easy for Dems to find sheep. Low IQ = easily brainwashed. If you believe reality shows are not edited and are completely true, you MUST have a VERY LOW IQ! Now run along, your unicorn is waiting for you.

  2. John, your opinion of this family really makes no difference. It is true that our society is falling farther from God’s will for His creation and you are all reveling in your momentary victories. God is still in control and will judge those who defy His will and attempt to hijack His creation and substitute their will for His. You would be wise to OPEN your mind to God’s will for your life. Your CLOSEMINDEDNESS will follow you into eternity.

    1. You seem to know a lot about this couple and their motivations…or, more likely, you are just projecting your biased, uninformed views and trying to pass them off as facts to support your position – hoping that people are too feeble minded to recognize your tactics.

  3. Christians are losing the culture war as Satan and his followers tighten their grip on God’s creation in an attempt to substitute their will for His. All of this, including your temporary victories were prophesized long ago and you are living out those prophesies now. God will ultimately end Satan’s reign of evil and His will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    1. Telling people the truth is not hate. In fact, lying to them or saying nothing and quietly watching while they are led to an eternity removed from their Creator would be far more hateful than simply speaking the truth. You don’t have to believe it but at least, you were loved enough that Christians bothered to provide it to you – knowing fully that you and others like you would twist their words and intent in a hopeless effort to invalidate their message. I wish you and the Envy family all the best but you are on the wrong path and you will ultimately be judged by your Creator for your choices. I pray you turn to God before His judgement. You will bow to Him – it is written that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is God. Since you are going to acknowledge His authority over your life at some point anyway, I really hope you do so voluntarily while the choice is still yours to make. I stand with the only God – I will never represent Satan.

      1. No matter how much you deride the truth, it will still be the truth. You can’t escape it. No one has maintained “power and control” over anyone. Gay couples have been able to lead their lifestyle – Christians have not tried to stop them. In fact, I wouldn’t care if gays had civil unions set up as the secular equivalent of marriage. People are allowed by God to make their own freewill choices – they will just have to account to their Creator for those choices. No one owes me an explanation of their behavior as long as it doesn’t impact my right to make my own freewill choices. My only concern with gay marriage is the erosion of the freedom of religion. Christians should never be forced by government to abandon our beliefs or to replace God’s clear will for our lives with yours or the government’s or any other special interest group. You are not God and you will never replace Him in my life – no matter what you do. I will die before I follow you rather than God. My beliefs are my choice – not yours.
        And, to your other point, what of the Envy family? Do you think they might just be another gay group looking for the spotlight to promote their agenda? Why do you not feel their actions are wrong when you are so critical of the Loudons?

      1. Your post makes no sense to me. What “swag with guns on it” are you referring to?

  4. So many comments posted here are showing how simple-minded people are, give the Loudon family a break, they were just living up to their beliefs like the envy family was. Come on people, this is reality TV and edited for popular viewing!!!

    1. Kandy – you are a hopeless sheep. The obamas, clintons and plenty of dem senators create their own scandalous drama that is far more damaging and hurts many more people than some silly show on tv. The people you cite are low lifes who use their $ and position to cover their messes while leaving a long line of powerless victims in their wake while they run off to the next party.

      1. I will be sure to look you up after the 2016 election and we will see how “revived” the democrat party is when the republicans take over the senate too!

      2. I am aware the obama is your president. He will never be mine. Tell me, do you ever wonder why your president never seems to know anything about critical issues? he and biden claim that during Fast & Furious – where our government handed automatic weapons directly to known violent criminals which resulted in the deaths of American citizens – that they didn’t make any of the decisions and weren’t told anything about that operation. And with Benghazi – where an American Ambassador pleaded for additional security in a dangerous environment and received no support from our government leading to his violent death at the hands of Libyans after our government supported their overthrow of Gaddafi – obama and biden were “out of the loop” and didn’t receive any information about that incident for weeks following the attack. If you are gullible enough to believe that pack of lies, then you must believe that your president is simply not in charge of anything. That actually others are running the country and choose to never inform him of what they are doing and that he allows this to be standard operating procedure in the WH he occupies. So, if that is what you actually believe, then he is functionally not your president either. In actual truth, you have no idea who is in charge of making important decisions regarding our domestic and foreign affairs. And, the obamas exploit their daughters whenever and however it serves them. Those girls are treated like props in michelle and barack’s personal power play.

  5. “the Loudon’s are clearly NOTHING but hateful bigots.” so Terrible of course! That’s why you are “glad that Mr. Envy kicked that woman out of his home” !!! Wha?Apparently takes one to know one – the pot really does call the kettle black!

  6. Just watched episode and I’m disgusted!! Then I’m thankful…I’m not, and no one in my life is anything like the Loudon family. Ignorant arrogance. Yuck!!!! Just a thought…if Miss Gina is such a “christian” why does she try so hard to alter her God given appearance??? (And they say Dems pick and choose.) Guns for self defense?? Where does the Bible condone that?? I can only giggle. They look like idiots. Bad move going on reality tv, bad move indeed.

  7. I am a female soldier and I was appalled when I watched your episode of wife swap. I have fought for my country and was very angry that you had the nerve to tell someone they don’t deserve to live in America! Until you wear combat boots and actually fight for your country you have no right to tell anyone that. It upsets me that I risked my life in Iraq to hear you tell another American they don’t belong. You don’t belong in America!!

    1. So everything else that is going on…our 2nd amendment rights being taken away, obamacare stomping on all kind of individual/religious rights. Nanny Bloomberg doing everything he can to stomp on individual rights, your not mad about those things. However you are mad about Mrs. Loudon saying that if someone lives is the US, they should know the constitution the words that you have fought for. And then you proceed to do the same thing you claim she did? And isn’t it sad, that legal immigrants know OUR history and constitution better than an American going to our school system…hmmm the irony.

      1. Just to be clear apparently you are just as ignorant as she is………actually fight for your country……’s single minded people like you both that bring this country down with your hypocrisy and double standards. I actually feel sorry for you because you have no idea what you talking about.

      2. I’m sorry I fail to see the hypocrisy and double standards? All I stated was I was confused to how you spouted how dare Dr. Gina tell Chris Envy that he should know the constitution, and you weren’t out there fighting for this type of treatment only to have you turn around and say the same thing.

        Also, I was confused that you are more mad that Dr. Gina state that if you live in America you should know the Constitution, because that is what YOU fight for…you fight for our freedoms. Instead of being mad about the individual rights that this administration is stomping on.

        Trust me I am far from being single minded and I do know what I am talking about. My father is a vietnam vet, my brother-in-law was special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and I have many close friends who have fought in this last war. And trust me I am very grateful and appreciative of those in our military who are out there fighting for our freedom. And no need to feel sorry for me.

  8. As far as I can see you have no reason to delete this.


    1. Jesus Christ is one of several gods United States citizens actively pray to.

    2. Large fractions of the US and World do not believe Jesus Christ was a deity.

    3. Jesus Christ and/or Christianity isn’t mentioned anywhere in the United States Constitution.

    4. Christianity has been on the losing side of many substantial moral arguments made in the last 200 years. Slavery, women’s rights, prohibition, interracial marriage, now gay marriage.

    5a. Christians, and everyone else have benefited tremendously from the advances made by secular culture. At the fall of the Roman Empire the Catholic Church was given a golden opportunity to lead, which instead turned into the dark ages. It wasn’t until the secular Renaissance that ‘modern society’ got underway.

    5b. This forum. The Internet. Mankind’s knowledge of, physics, chemistry and mathematics. All of these secular works are the fruits of centuries of toil to understand reality for what it is, not what someone wants it to be.

    5c. Freedom of thought is what enables these advances and modern society. It is the bedrock. What kills freedom quickest is when someone claims to know ‘the truth’ when in reality its just a claim.

    6. Freedom comes at a direct cost to religious protectionism. That is to say, the ability to say ‘I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ’ or ‘My God is Allah and Mohammed is his Messenger’ or ‘There is insufficient evidence to believe in a god’ are all statements that only be said without State consequence in a free society.

    7. There are governments that have decided to make God front and center, instead of freedom. Theocracies. The only functioning Christian one is Vatican City. There are plenty of Islamic ones. Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

    7a. Do not disregard these countries because they worship a different god. Rememeber what the Church did to Galileo: ‘The earth does revolve around the sun’. His freedom ran into their orthodoxy. Remember what the Church did to William Tyndale for translating the Bible into English, … they executed him. Remember what the church did during the Witch Hunts, … it killed between 50,000 and ??? people.

    So it all boils down to two questions

    Question 1. Do you think we should more state religion, or less state religion?

    * There is a society of Sun Worshipers. An influential preacher gives a sermon about the importance of worship before eating which causes a schism of believers. After a period of time the majority of believers all worship before eating, but a minority of those who do not observe remain.

    Question 2. Should the followers of A have the ability to change the laws on the basis of their religious reasoning to force those in B to ‘pray properly?’ If so, what methods should the state have at its disposal?

    Thank you for allowing me this forum for reasonable discourse.

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