Celebrity Wife Swap SPOILERS: A Tea Party Activist & A Mother in the Middle Of a Polyamorous Relationship Swap

Celebrity Wife Swap returns March 28th, 2013 with a whole new episode.  For the first timein the show’s history, a family breaks the rules of the swap and refuses to reunite for the roundtable discussion.

The families that swap lives this week are:  A Tea Party Activist – Gina Loudon is a staunch Tea Party activist and conservative political pundit who lives in San Diego, California with her husband, former Missouri State Senator John Loudon, and their five children — Lyda (17), Lilly (13), Jack (10), Beau (6) and their adopted son Samuel (6), who has Down syndrome. Religion and politics are topics of constant discussion in the Loudon home, with John leading daily Bible study for his wife and children.

In Charleston, New York, Angela Envy a mom in a polyamorous relationship lives with herhusband of eight years, Chris, along with Angela’s daughter Brooklyn (12) and their three children — Maverick (7), Lyric (5) and Kingston (1-1/2 ). Angela and Chris also share a live-in girlfriend, Ashley, who has become part of the family. Chris is a semi-professional wrestler in his spare time and works at a local warehouse to support his family.

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  1. WTF is wrong with these poly people, I am not a tea party activist but these people are so stupid I feel so sorry for the kids of these poly families, they are the silent victims of these sick twisted people.

    1. WTF are you talking about? The Envy children showed true, pure love for Ashley. They all seemed like typical, well adjusted, normal children. Exactly HOW is their lifestyle causing you ANY HARM??

  2. I was not able to see the show tonight because of the Maundy Thursday service. I will try to catch it online tomorrow. However, I must say that there is a lot of hate in some of the messages below. Why do we all have to hate when we disagree? I don’t hate people who are different, but I may strongly disagree with them. Also, this was a very unusual situation. The show usually deals with one wife going to another household with one husband, right? And then the other wife goes to the other household with one husband. This time, the one household had a second “wife” there being shared by the husband and the wife. Just having another adult there at all makes things more chaotic and stressful. But under these circumstances, how does one act? Most of us have no model by which to deal with Mom and Dad’s live-in girlfriend because it is an abnormal situation. I am not being judgmental, I am just stating facts. How do you have a somewhat peaceful round table discussion when the worldviews are so far apart? Maybe would work with a neutral 3rd party. But ABC is not neutral.

  3. Robert – it is obvious that you do not know the Lord. We are all imperfect, including the Loudons. But they tried. The point is that we strive for perfection using the Bible, the inspired Word of God, as our standard. We can never achieve it – hence the reason Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice for our imperfection. The book of Leviticus is under the old law. God never said slavery was correct. It is better summed up with what Jesus is as quoted as saying in Matthew 22:21 in regard to paying taxes: “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” In other words, live according to the laws of your land during your time as long as it is not in conflict with the Word. Robert, I suggest that you do some soul searching about why you are here on this Earth. And the next time the Holy Spirit tugs at your heart, do not deny Him. You only get so many opportunities.

  4. I don’t usually watch this show but was glad I did. I felt ABC blindsided the Loudons with a 2 for 1 deal on the wives in the other family. Again, it is the liberal media trying to ram their liberal beliefs down everyone’s throats or those of believers – Christians. One just has to watch the kids in each of the families and their demeanors to see which family has done a better job of bringing up their kids. The Envy kids were disrespectful and did not want to follow Mrs. Loudons rules and did their own thing. How is possible with these kids to be brought up in a house with a live in girlfriend for both the wife and husband and have any kind of moral compass? When Mr. Envy kicked out Mrs. Loudon for trying to teach him some basic history he calls her names – yeah that is a strong male I would want raising my kids and oh yeah having sex with two women at the same time in the same bed with kids in the house! Glad the Loudon’s did not go back to the program, I would have packed it up and went home too. It was laughable when ABC put on the screen at the end of the program the Envy family is all together and living in love (or something like that). Well last I read Christ is love and even though the Loudons tried to get something in to the heads of the Envy family they were not open to hearing it. better to walk away and pray for them. I would take the Loudon kids over the Envy kids anytime point made to the parents – set an example for your kids and bring them up with Christ’s love. ABC knew they were sending the Loudon’s into that hornet’s nest and even if they weren’t Christian I am sure many people would have had a problem with the polyamorous relationship Christian or not. Shame on ABC if they think that we bought into the Envy family as being acceptable.

    1. Mrs. Envy said she believed in God yet was upset to hear God’s word from the bible as Mr. Loudon read it word for word. You cannot say you believe in God and not follow God’s word that is impossible. Was Mrs. Envy then calling herself Christian if she said she believed in God? She was not following the bible. As Christians we are ALL sinners and God can forgive us of our sins we only need ask then follow what is written in the bible. David was also a sinner as he had made pregnant another man’s wife then had the husband killed, he did not have concubines. Bethsheba then became his pregnant wife but God punished them by killing that baby. But David asked for forgiveness and God blessed them with another baby that would also rule Israel. There are many stories and gospels in the Bible of man sinning but we serve a forgiving God for anyone that seeks Jesus and asks for Him to come into their lives and will see God’s forgiveness in the Bible and His saving grace. The Loudon’s were just exposing the Bible to the Envy family that is all. It is a hard to follow Christ because it is such a narrow path and it is much easier to follow the path of the world and just do as we please but if you want eternal peace and to go to the Kingdom of heaven, there is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ. We as Christians are called to go and make disciples – that is we try to get unsaved people to come to Christ. If you read the Bible and especially Matthew you would see that. We want non believers like yourself and the haters that have also written replies on this discussion board to see that there is a better way and that way is through Jesus Christ. Do you want to go to heaven? Do you believe we are on this planet for another reason or just here to serve ourselves? I was a non believer and was saved 8 years ago when the holy spirit came into me. My life has never been the same. I was a sinner big time, but now I see that Jesus Christ is the only way. Believers want to see people become saved too. Had a Christian told me I need Christ 9 years ago I would of told them where to go much like most who have responded to this post. I also feel for the young girl as the sex slave to Mr. & Mrs. Envy who is also a babysitter for the family that is so starved for love and attention that she thinks this is the only way she can find it. This is not what God intended for her, and Mrs. Loudon was right to tell her to pack up and leave and find her own life. She will not have a life living under her present condition and sometimes people need to be told that directly – there is no nice way to put that. Where is this girl’s parent’s? This girl deserve’s her own happiness, husband, family etc and not to be in this oppressed situation. Again as the Loudons are no doubt doing – praying for this young girl as well, as should we. I can tell you that the Loudon’s are praying for the Envy’s, their family and this young girlfriend and it won’t stop. Christ is not what you can see but faith is what you don’t see. As a Christian I have witnessed miracles and people who came to Christ when you think they never would many through prayer. The Envy family and this young girlfriend may just come to Christ then what? You will have nothing negative to complain about and may even have to look at coming to Christ yourself. I know that Jesus led me to Him and my life has changed for the better, He is love. God is faith and believing in that which you cannot see. We need to trust in Him.

      1. That woman is not a sex slave. Is she locked away and never acknowledged otherwise for sex. She seemed like she was a very loved individual. I am an atheist but I still have morals and values even without so called god.

      2. You are an atheist with morals and values yet you believe it is ok for a young girl to have sex with a married couple living in their home sleeping in their bed in the same house with 4 kids. That is morals and values to you? It’s a polyamorous situation and the husband and wife are taking advantage of the young girl. She is denying herself a future of having her own life because she seems as you mentioned like she is very “loved”. If these people really “loved” her they would let her go find her own happiness with career, relationship etc. I gather from your your statement that since you are an atheist with morals and values that you have never bothered to open a bible to find out the true meaning of love, values and morals. If you had you would know that the young girl is not being loved but is being exploited for sex and babysitting duties, in other words oppressed. I know if this young girl knew how much Jesus loves her she would not be in this situation. Unfortunately she is very lost and the immorality of this dysfunctional family is all that she knows “love” to be. A real shame for her she could be so much more. I encourage you to open a bible or go to a bible study so you can find out what real morals and values are.

      3. Typical religious person assuming I have never been educated about the bible. I went to a religious school for twelve years. So yes I am know what the bible brings. It brings love and acceptence aslong as you don’t go against their own ideals. We all have our own views. Consenting adults who are in agreement about their lifestyle. The 23 year old woman made her choice and can leave whenever but doesn’t. How are the kids affected? They see another mother figure. They may face some negative situations in their lives but that is because of many people (ie homophobic and religious people) will tell them that it is wrong and in turn hurting the children. How is she denying herself a future? She is going to college and in a loving relationship. Is it because she did not save herself for marriage, loves a man and a woman? There is many different paths for people that differ from yours and just because it is not your path doesn’t mean it should be shamed.

      4. Just because a person goes to a religious school doesn’t make a person spiritual anymore than going to a church makes a Christian spiritual. Jesus is not religion and I am not religious and I am spiritual. There is a difference and the bible is spiritual you either accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour or you don’t and you do your best to follow Him. If you want eternal peace and to be with in the Kingdom when you die then you must follow Jesus. It’s not about going against ideals, there are the ten commandments which were laws to be folllowed and pretty good ones. You are not going to be struck down if you don’t follow them, God loves you, you ask for forgiveness from your sin and move on. However, that doesn’t give you a blank check to keep sinning. Jesus died for our sins since we are all sinners we can be forgiven. The path to Jesus is a small one and the path to the world is large so most people chose the path of the world. That does not make it right. You might be surprised to know that God loves gays, lesbians, transgender etc and all sinners because that is who God is. He wants sinners to repent their sins and come to Him. That is why He gave His only son Jesus to die for us on the cross. I have gay friends and I love them too so taking a stance that just because a person is “religious” doesn’t mean we hate gays and God hates gays we don’t and He does not. God just doesn’t approve of the gay lifestyle which is a sin just like God does not approve of adultery. You will find that as Christians we are taught to love sinners because we were sinners ourselves and may still sin – we are human and will likely sin again but God offers forgiveness. God doesn’t approve of sin (gay lesbian lifestyle, adultery etc) – But he loves the sinner – gay, lesbian, green, purple etc. and He wants the sinners to come to Him to be forgiven and follow Jesus, and many do. I know of gays that have turned from their sin and become Christians – go figure! I choose to follow God and the Bible, you do not, the Envy family does not that is your choice.

      5. This is pick and choose philosophy. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s a reduction to an amoral society. For instance, you may not have a problem with a polyamorous relationship buy might have a problem with someone having sex with an 11 year old. Who’s to say that’s wrong? That’s some super slippery slope! If you argue “These are consenting adults” that’s not a valid argument because brainwashing can result in consenting individuals, no matter what their age is. Your ideas are just brainwashing from the world. You can’t pick and choose morals, they have been established by God. Otherwise it leads to sociopathy. You might’ve skimmed through the bible but don’t understand didactic biblical teaching. It’s a shame you share in a dictionary like the Envy’s. Words just don’t mean the same to a carnal mind and you just end up making your own definitions.

  5. Sorry you are so angry, Mr. AG. obama is a marxist and so are many in his administration. They have stated just that publicly. Maybe you missed that – maybe you didn’t read the books obama is supposed to have written. Maybe you are 100% narrow minded and can’t see that many workers in America are white. Maybe you mistake endless vacations and oppulent parties for “hard work”. Whatever.

  6. SRD – could you be a liberal in the disguise of a conservative post? Hmm… either way, have you given thought to how a liberal network such as ABC could be editing their own program? Would ABC before or against a Tea Party activist? I wonder. I am sure ABC is a very neutral-political corporation – laughable thought. Obviously I am a conservative, and as a conservative, I would have like to have seen the Loudons at the round table, but I have a funny suspicion that there was a lot more going on in the background with regards to ABC and how that show was being flimed (and later edited) then what you and I know about… just an assumption.

  7. Dr. Gina. I watched the Wife Swap episode you were in and I found that the show portrayed you to be crazy. It was very obvious that the editors and producers were trying to undermine your values and the values of most of this fine country. I support your political views, yet I disagree with a few of your religious ones. Yet we can agree to disagree on some things. The user “Annoyed” is missing many facts and leaving uneducated nonsense on his post. Yet that is his right. Hitler was indeed a liberal. The Tea Party is a group that wants us to go back to the good ol’ days of the USA. The 60’s and 70’s really destroyed us. The Russians got there agents in and now communism is spreading. Democrat = Liberal = Socialist = Communist. The Bible does prophecies that the greatest of nations will fall… we are falling due to the lack of faith. Good luck!!

  8. Hitler was a liberal… He was apart of the “German Workers Party” which was highly liberal and turned into the Nazi party… Do your homework before you make up lies… but I guess that is how liberals work. They have NO factual backing, so they make things up and say it is truth. Prove me wrong.

  9. Deserae Wolfe – you quote from Leviticus as if you have authority? Do you know what you writing about? Do you believe that everyone should live evil because they are not perfect? The Lord will judge. He will judge you, He will judge myself. This world is far from His mark of perfection and we will all be very acutely aware of it soon enough. So until then, why don’t you and I try to promote warriors out there in the fight to help remind society that we need to strive to the mark, instead of knocking each other down? We will never achieve perfection so isn’t it great that Jesus died so that we can be perfect before God Almighty? How many more years do you have on this Earth? Why are we here?

  10. Maybe he got his tattoo before he became religious? The Lord will judge them… yet you are judging? LOL.. You call them a hypocrite. HAHA. Your post if full of holes. Patch them before you sink.

    1. And yet…use an expression that offends the liberals and they blow up in your face and call you bigot, hateful, intolerant, blah blah blah…Dems, always the hypocrite!

      1. LOL, now we have a political psychic? There’s one in every crowd that thinks they can throw a political twist in something to distract from the main topic. Too funny! and WRONG!!

  11. Oh give it wife and I both have tat’s and we are 100% conservative and more moral than 95% of the Bible thumpers we run across in daily life..

    The Bible also say’s men should not shave their beards…

  12. Hey Gina, don’t let the nansy pansies get you down..the men hating on you secretly would love for you to be their wife and their women would be insanely jealous if you were swapped in place of them…you are having some fun in life..good for you.

    You have one lucky hubby….

  13. I, also, watched the recent Wife Swap episode you were in. I do have to say you have done a wonderful job with your children, but you and your husband – who came across as the most narrow-minded, pompous ass – are so tunnel vision. Your husband constantly spouted verses from the bible – of course only ones that put down gaypeople. I didn’t see him spouting any verses about acceptance and love of others different from us. Here is a question: suppose the bible had said all people with downs syndrome should be killed? How you going to talk your wayaround that? You have a son with DS – who is different – yet the Envy wife did not treat him any differently than any of your other children. To me, she was the better “Christian” – even though she is not religious. You just use “christianity” to suit all your beliefs and make up quotes only for things you are against! What about love for your fellow man? Obviously, you aren’t living as a “good” Christian. THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE POWER TO JUDGE OTHERS IS GOD!

  14. I am very disappointed in the Loudon’s behavior. I understand that ABC may have edited things to favor the lifestyle of the Envy’s but the Loudon’s certainly gave ABC a lot of things to use against them. As a Christian I am mortified that the Loudon’s seemed so hateful. Saying someone’s lifestyle is sinful, then reading from Leviticus, is essentially attacking the person. And John did that in front of his kids, making Mrs. Envy feel ganged up upon and not free to argue because of the kids. I felt very bad for her when I saw that. I have a loved one who has a lifestyle I think is sinful. I let them know that I think it is sin, but no worse than any other sin. God does not rank sins. He is very clear that sin is sin and any sins breaks his law, just the same. I pray for that person, we have a great relationship. When tough times come about I use the bible to uplift them. Maybe God will change their hearts.. But one thing I do know, I just can’t go attacking them with Leviticus. We wouldn’t have any relationship at all which would mean I couldn’t share anything about God with them.

    The Loudon’s seem more focused on winning their arguments than actually bringing people to The Lord.

  15. Let me ask something of the Loudon’s supporters… why is their proselytizing more acceptable than that of the Envy family? Seems that the farther from center that one resides, the less resilience they have for questions or differing views….

    1. James, we really don’t know what happened during the show. The producers simply picked and chose what parts they wanted to use and chocked the rest. I’ve seen them do this before, making a group or family look stupid b/c of their agendas or lifestyles. I wish Gina would come out and say what really happened on the show.

  16. I’m curious as to what REALLY happened on the show. Obviously, Wife Swap leaned more to the Envy family, making the London’s appear like idiots. TV shows do this a lot, making one person look stupid due to beliefs. I’m done with Wife Swap.

  17. I just want to say that I agree with you and your family when it comes to wife swap that aired recently. I to would have left the show. It is all in the Bible and you are raising your children on the right path. Keep up the excellent work you are doing…..

  18. Loved family member? Please, she was trying to do Ashley a favor. Sadly, one day when Ashley grows up she will look back and realize what a mistake she made. Hopefully it wont be too late for her to have a family of her own.

    1. Sorry honey, I am not a Christian, in fact I dont believe in religion. Ashley is NOT a family member, she is the 3rd wheel, a young and dumb 3rd wheel. Stop trying to convince yourself otherwise. You can call a cow a duck but it is still a cow. Ashley is not a family member and will never be, she is just the 3rd wheel until they tire of her or find a replacement.

  19. Obama hard working? ROFLMAO! That’s the funniest thing I heard all day! So tell me angry, when is he doing all this hard work? When he’s golfing? When he’s vacationing? Between his campaign stumping?(Obama has never stopped campaigning) When he’s parting with celebrities? When he’s sleeping? He was asleep at the wheel with Bengazi, he was asleep at the wheel with fast and furious, he never attended a meeting with the jobs counsel he set up, the economy is in the toilet….so again, when exactly is he hard working?

  20. If Hitler was liberal, he would never have the adoration of Ron Paul and his supporters or (Nixon and Reagan speechwriter) Pat Buchanan. Hitler was in the far-right category for decades until the Tea Party idiots decided they wanted to change history. Nice try, fascists.

      1. You’re too ignorant to dignify. You have a horrible knowledge of history to equate national socialism with socialism, Is the majority of Europe Nazi these days?

  21. “Obama is a communist, Planned Parenthood was created to eradicate the black race and gays are much sicker than straight people”

    Truth hurts doesn’t it? Obama IS a communist, a communist sympathizer at the very least but he is much more. Planned Parenthood WAS created to eradicate black race, go listen to some of Margret Sangers speeches and interviews. When they could no longer sterilize blacks , they decided to drop abortion clinics in their neighborhood instead. Gays are sicker than straight people. Isnt the government spending several millions on studies as to why lesbians are fatter that straight women? They are also spending several million on a study as to why lesbians DRINK more than straight women. Gays have a much higher risk of HIV than straight people and the rate has increased.

    The problem is, you liberals think if you dont discuss problems, they dont exist when they still do. You just turn a blind eye. Same thing with the violence in inner cities, blacks killing blacks at an alarming rate. You liberals dont care and dont even want to discuss it. If anyone who is conservative brings it up, you liberals scream racism. Liberals need to GROW UP! Issues do NOT go away simple because you want to deny they are true and demonize the messenger! Thankfully, most of American is waking up to see the hypocrisy of the liberals!

  22. I was so proud of the Loudon family. They love their kids more than a silly TV show. Gina presented her views with forthrightness, logic and passion. In 10 years, Gina’s family will be intact. Her kids will be successful in their chosen professions or educational pursuits. God bless the Loudons.

  23. Why does ABC portray Chris Envy (aka: Sabastian Witbeck) and Angela as such a loving couple if they went on the Divorce Court tv program, episode 1/26/2012. “Chris” accused Gina of being fake. Well, Chris and Angela, is your little live-in pal just a scheme hatched to bring you publicity? Pathetic, ABC!

  24. I am a person open to all. I watched this show and I was saddened that in 2013 people are still ‘concerned’ about what happens in people’s bedrooms. God does not make mistakes. Homosexuals are NOT mistakes either. Do you all who judge honestly believe that being gay is a ‘choice’? Do you feel these people ‘choose’ this lifestyle to be ridiculed their entire lives because they are not the same as 90% of the population? Ms. Louden I am a religious man. I love my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ but I also have absolutely no problem with people being in love and caring for one another…no matter what gender! I fear the United States as GREAT as she is is bringing Church and State together and not separating the two. I fear for your country’s future when people like you and your husband are spouting your disdain for a portion of the population. If you believe so strongly in your views I see no reason as to why you would not join the three others at the table-discussion. I am very happy to live in Canada where we do not have these views per se.

    1. Seriously John, you do know our government is all about being in our bedrooms here. Mandating through Obamacare that we pay for others birth control and abortions so be, even if its against one’s religion.

      And yes, some people are gay through choice. I have had many friends who were “gay” at one point and time in their lives and now they are happily married with children. And this family was not “gay”, the women were maybe bi-sexual, but Chris was definitely NOT gay. And at no point and time did Gina or John ridicule their lifestyle, they just didn’t approve of it. And they are allowed that. However in liberal world it means if you disagree, then you must hate! Which is NOT true. I can disagree with someone and their decisions, but that doesn’t mean I hate. It just means I don’t agree.

      Honestly you need to do more research about the US, because I fail to see where we are bringing Church and state together.

  25. Dear Gina, Deleting ALL the negative comments on this thread that prove what a scum bag you and your husband are does nothing to diminish the fact that You, John, and all your cool-aid drinking followers are pompose hypocrites. You were a COWARD on the show and now a COWARD on the internet.

    1. Dear Tora, the reason why yours and other negative comments were deleted, was not because they were negative, but because they were personal attacks to the Loudons. Which will NOT be tolerated on this blog…PERIOD! If you want to add some constructive criticism and dialogue we will be more than happy to leave your comments up, however you want to keep calling names and acting immature, then your comments will be deleted. Webmaster and Moderator Nicole.

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