Dr. Gina Show – Thursday, Feb 28th, 2013

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Obama seeking to criminalize Biblical Concept of Marriage

Colorado parents of transgender girl contest school restroom ban

BOB WOODWARD: A “Very Senior” White House Person Warned Me I’d Regret What I’m Doing

In Closed-Door Meeting, Cantor Warned of “Civil War”

Desk Workers – Stand up for your health: Millions may be making themselves ill by spending their working lives sitting down

Green Fatigue set in: the World cools on global warming

TED 2013: Sergey Brin talks Google Glass

Brin sees Google glasses hitting market this year

Babies born by cesarean section more likely to develop allergies

Animal Obesity A Growing Problem In TheĀ US

Subway Founder: Subway Would Not Exist If Started Today Due to Government Regulations

Victory for Victor Meldrew, as pessimistic people “live longer”