Dr. Gina Show – Feb 20th, 2013

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Dr. Gina’s Show Prep:

Kansas City Mother suing after botched Birth Control Pill saw her fall pregnant

President finally shows his face after $1m golfing weekend with Tiger Woods that White House didn’t want world to see

‘I wanted my vote to count’: Ohio poll worker explains why she voted for Obama TWICE

Cancer survivor, 11, suffers third degree burns after catching fire in hospital bed ‘from HAND SANITIZER and static electricity’

Dr Drew under fire after Mindy becomes FIFTH Celebrity Rehab death and Richard Marx labels the television doc’s results the ‘same as Dr Kevorkian’

Chicago’s top cop blames gun laws for city’s soaring homicide rate – even though it has some of the tightest firearm regulations in the country

Groundbreaking treatment that enabled paralysed animals to walk again will be tested on HUMANS within months

‘An unconstitutional, all-you-can-eat data buffet’: Critics slam FBI’s Stingray mobile tracking tool

Surprising Benefits of Cooking Food

Area leaders demand that President Obama, Congress act to avoid deep federal cuts

Michael Barone: Republicans struggle to agree on candidates who can win

Biden: If you want to protect yourself, get a shotgun

Obama ignores DOJ researchers who conclude assault weapons ban won’t cut gun violence

Mother sues psychologist following toddler’s death