Man up, GOP!

Two years and more than two trillion dollars ago, when the national debt was a mere $14T, the gutless GOP decided to lay down to Obama.  At that time, I called the debt ceiling a proverbial circus tent on FOX’s Cavuto.

Looking back, I wasn’t clairvoyant, or alone in my assessment. I was simply stating the rational, blatantly obvious truth to those who have watched politics for any period of time:  This was the defining moment for Republicans to prove themselves.  If they had stood firm, things would be very different today.

What has changed?   Well, let’s see…the Republicans folded and lost.  Again.  The Democrats proved to be the only party with backbone to stand up for their “values”, and the Republicans fell flat on their faces.  Again.   They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Boehner had better learn some, or his legacy will prove to be the one that truly handed this country to the statists, for keeps.

Now we have no one to blame but the spineless GOP for not seizing the moment while they still had it…

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