TSA-Style Gropings Coming Soon to Public Schools

Any time I hear leftists look for solutions I am skeptical. Speaking in Newtown, Connecticut, Obama stated with absolute resolution, “These tragedies must end, and to end them we must change.”  We have heard that word “change” before.  We must change.  OK.  How exactly?  A madman goes on a rampage and the rest of us must change?

Then Democrat operative, Kirsten Powers goes on Fox News and opines that we should make it easier to forcibly commit people.  All Americans should be on alert; we have been warned exactly what is coming.  This may be the most critical point in time for Americans to draw a line in defense of our Constitution.

Our publicly educated masses seem to collectively lack the ability to see that we are the frogs and our warm, soothing water is about to boil.  We learn a little about our Constitution in school but we do not really understand it or feel it.  If you want to see deep appreciation for American liberties, spend five minutes with an immigrant from any country in the Eastern Bloc.  We are  brainwashed to believe that “it cannot happen here.” Even when the enemies of the American Dream tell us that they will dismantle us, and how they will dismantle us, we do not believe them.

We have two big problems. The first is a public education system that fails to teach…

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