Waiting on Akin

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Waiting on Akin


I have never been patient.  I hate standing in line, and the term “waiting tables” used to gag me when I performed the job in grad school.  I never had a second to wait, if I was doing my job.  I ran like a circuit trainer from table to table.  That was okay to me.  I hate waiting.

But I love being a woman. Women like me who love being women (and love the men who love women) have been long oppressed by feminists and fair gamers who imposed their theocratic political correctness on us.  We grew weary of waiting for someone to state the obvious.  We hoped that quietly raising up the next generation would communicate our knowledge that the other side is radically wrong.  It didn’t.

We waited as the statists on the left were silent to the point of complicit in the mutilation, rape and murder of young girls around the world— places with Islamic populations only a few percentage points above our own. We were there when Sandra Fluke’s tawdry demand for free birth control on our dime became the bizarre mascot of the Obama administration.  We watched, and our daughters turned to us with that look any mother knows—the one that pierces your maternal soul– saying, “mom, why aren’t you fighting for me? What are you waiting for?”

We woke up.

We ripped off our proverbial aprons and whacked the shackles off our bodies.  We looked to the wisdom of the ages to find the mother of King Lemuel, Esther, Debra, Abigail Adams and others who had blazed a trail for us.  We learned discernment, passion, and promise as patriots in a world we knew was ours to save now.

We rose up.

But the statists weren’t going to go down without a fight.  This election was to be the final nail in the coffin of free-market capitalism, Christianity, and America, as we knew her.  They began their attacks.

Despite the fact that NO Planned Parenthood offices provide mammograms, militant radical women said we would all die of cancer if these silly little conservative housewife types had their way.  Despite the fact that a known racist/eugenicist, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to end the black race, these radical women screamed about “equality” for women presumably white women only?

Women claiming to be strong and independent were playing the role of helpless victims. Women seeking their independence seemed all too happy to be utterly dependent on Big Daddy Government. Women defending human rights and religious equality were apologizing for radical Islam where women can’t drive, be educated, choose their own wardrobe, or even live if they disobey men.  This was standing for “women’s rights” how?

These women and the men who use them attacked Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, anyone who had ever declared himself pro life.  Then they went on a seek-and-destroy mission to kill any chance of Republican gains in the US Senate.

They found their target in the most pro-family, squeaky-clean, freedom-loving patriot they could find, US Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO). Better, he was running against a woman, Claire McCaskill for US Senate.  Statists took aim.

When you talk for a living, as I do, you develop a perspective on misstatements or gaffes, but the “tolerant” leftists found an unfortunate utterance by Congressman Akin to exploit.  It did seem like a big deal for a moment, until patriots reflected on a future America under this absurd standard where one gaffe is political death from which no apology could resurrect. Of course, this wasn’t about Todd Akin at all.  This was about a vile Machiavellian strategy to win the US Senate for their statist purposes by any means necessary.

Destroying a family?  That would be fine.  Undermining the electoral process?  Not a problem at all.  Oppressing women further by convincing them that most men really do hate them, just as the radicals on the left always have?  Perfect!

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