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Dr. Gina Loudon Guest Hosts for Sully on KOGO

In case you missed it, here is the audio from Dr. Gina’s guest hosting appearance on FM News & Talk 95.7 & AM600 KOGO in San Diego.


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  1. I compliment you on your most amazing mental gymnastics regarding the “women who vote Republican” spiel. I’m guessing you choose to deliberately fail to understand the argument? The point is that Women who vote Republican are shooting themselves in the foot. We have only to look at the legislation passed recently by Republicans regarding abortion, and that whole mentality that prevents abortion for a 12 yr old rape victim. OR, the equal pay for women who do the same work as men. Republicans voted in unison to block this bill. Republicans by their actions are voting against Womens Rights. But you, Through incredibly distorted logic you were able to redirect the argument to be about the ever present Republican scare-us-to-death-boogey-man (Islamic terrorists)…. and, later in your program… you want to talk about Honor? By your actions, you are either incredibly stupid, or, you have no Honor.

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