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Tea Party Youth Stand Against Tax on Future Generations

By Gina Loudon PhD


The Tea Party was born of many moms and dads who saw their childrens’ futures being robbed by an administration who put no constraints on who they will tax, and what they will spend.

Parents gasp in exasperation as they watch a culture devoid of values consume the hearts, minds, and lives of their children. The President stands idly by as black so-called “leaders” incite violence based on race alone.  He defends taxpayer funding of Sandra Fluke’s blatant, unrepentant sexual promiscuity. Parents have watched in horror as young habitué “Occupyers” have proven an old adage often attributed to Winston Churchill: “If you’re not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.”

Democrats are proud to pit black against white, gay against straight, man against woman, young against old. They do this so that they can gain power and votes via “victimized” populations who believe the lie that someone owes them something. As this administration creates manufactured crises one after another, it appears there is one demographic that might have turned the tables on them.

Lyda Loudon of National Tea Party Youth, said that she is working in coordination with Tea Party Students to pass the following Amendment draft to the United States Constitution:

We propose an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that will force Congress to be fiscally responsible to its current citizens by outlawing Congress’ abusive power to indebt future generations before they even have the right to vote on their unwilling accumulation of such debts, and inevitable taxation as a result.  “No Taxation Without Representation” was the slogan of the American Revolution, the Right to Representation is explicitly acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence as a right, and the Preamble of the Constitution itself states that it is dedicated to “Ourselves and Our Posterity”.  The very definition of “posterity” is “all future generations”.  Involuntarily indebting children and disproportionately burdening future generations with what amounts to a “youth tax” is anti-American, ageist, and anti-youth.  We therefore submit a first draft for such an Amendment, and humble ourselves before our peers and our parents and invite every American citizen to join us as we implore members of Congress who care about our country and our future to read, revise and ratify this Amendment for No Taxation Without Representation.

This Amendment would make it so that Congress cannot tax generations of children, born and unborn, who cannot even vote yet.  They continue:

Upon the first day of the first year following the ratification of this Amendment, Congress shall not compel any citizen of the United States to pay for any taxation on the interest nor the principle of debts authorized before that citizen was eligible to vote for representation in the Congress.  Only a formal Declaration of War by Congress shall override this policy, and only for war-related debts.

The youth will need the help of voting parents to lobby for such an Amendment.  Congress is highly unlikely to listen to youth since they have no real money or power or votes to effect their re-elections.

Weekly, on my radio show, I hand over the mic to Tea Party Youth and Tea Party Students to voice their political concerns. This week, Lyda interviewed Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots who spoke in strong support of the effort. I personally endorse the effort, as well, and believe it advances an effort of my own to expose this administration’s efforts to divide and create manufactured victim groups.

The youth of today may not have money, votes, or fancy lobbyists to advance their cause, but they can be vocal. I think there is great opportunity for the youth to turn the strategy of this administration on its head, and expose the insane spending.  They may not have the gravitas, but they have the numbers, the voice, and they are standing on solid ground.  They could expose the President and this administration in ways that few lobby groups in the US could. I hope that all patriots will reach out to them and help in their fight.  Encourage young patriots to join in their revolutionary effort and re-claim the future that belongs to them, before it is too late.

If you are interested in supporting their effort or helping them spread the word, please go to: