A Thank You Letter to the Democrat Attack Machine from Dr. Gina. Her Latest Column

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More Obama Manufactured Outrage at Women
– By Gina Loudon PhD


 Remember when Grandma warned you not to “make a mountain out of a mole hill” or it would get you into trouble?  The Democrat machine might have crashed into the side of their own manufactured mountain.  They manufactured the war on women that never took place, and drudged up the sexually promiscuous Sandra Fluke as their hero.

Then they manufactured a race war, and they have all the love and beauty of Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Jackson on the face of that mountain.  But their favorite manufactured mountain is that of class warfare.  This one works well for them, even in a tough economy of their own creation.  But Americans are waking up to an election on the horizon, and they are not seeing themselves reflected in the chosen heroes of the left.

Hilary Rosen, a Democrat strategist took a turn at the wheel of the class warfare train last night, and crashed it right into the side of the carefully constructed class warfare mountain.  While trying to define Ann Romney as a woman of leisure, she went too far.  She said “Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.”

Ann Romney, however blessed because of her family’s dedication to hard work, good business acumen and budgeting, has raised 5 boys.  She chose to stay at home and raise them, even after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.  She has campaigned alongside her husband for decades (that is work!), and she has done so all with an air of graciousness that has made her “more likable” than her husband in the eyes of the American electorate.

Did she have help? Probably.  House keepers?  Check.  Spa appointments? Probably.  But should women across the country aspire to less?  Wouldn’t it be nice if most women in America had all that?  As American women look at the business leader who took Ann Romney to that great place, they might just prefer a President who worked for his wife and family to that end, rather than a President who truly has never even held a job in the private sector, met a budget, or had anything of luxury not funded by taxpayers.

To attack the candidate is one thing, but to attack the role of women in their families as Ms. Rosen did, was quite another.

Moms across the country went to bat.  Any person, male or female, who has ever spent a day at home as a full time “mom” knows that it is one tough job.   Families are already feeling the vice grip of a gasping economy.  Parents, moms and dads, worry every day about the future of a country whose debt now outweighs that of the European union.  In quiet observation, kids watch as the Obama kids live well, vacation much, and shop often, and they are asking questions about their own family vacations.  The average family’s disposable income has been in steady decline since Obama became President.  He promised that if he had not fixed our economy at the end of his first term, he would not seek reelection.  Not only is the debt now three times as bad, but home prices remain low, gas prices are through the roof, grocery prices have exploded, and every family in America is affected.

As rational parents watch the Obama administration continue the race, gender, and class warfare, real Americans are finding it hard to hate a business man (Romney) who worked hard, budgeted well, respected his wife’s decision to work at home, and found success in both arenas.   This is where the bullet hit the bone for the Democrats who take their manufactured foolery too far.

Many families sacrifice greatly for one parent to work at home.  Families have had to sacrifice even more to then send that parent back out to work as the noose of Obama’s economy has tightened around their necks.

It is pathetic, the degree to which republicans fail, again and again, to define the hypocrisy of the left.  Hilary Rosen did it for us last night, and Republicans are finally taking that ball and running with it, albeit a bit too late. They are hitting the airwaves with cries of “how dare the Democrats attack a candidate’s family member!”  Carl Rove and the establishment shills cronies were conspicuously silent when the pundits were attacking Karen Santorum.  Where was the furor of the establishment GOP when Sarah Palin’s children were relentlessly attacked for all of these years?

As a Republican, and a talk show host, I am delighted to see the hypocrisy of the left illuminated.  I find it alarming though, that it took Hilary Rosen, a Democrat strategist, to do what our strategists couldn’t or wouldn’t do to point out the utter arrogance and hypocracy of the left.

Looking ahead, if indeed Romney is the nominee, Republicans can expect the vicious manufactured mountains from the left to continue.  With the enticing lies like the so-called “Republican War on Women,” the race riots they are inciting, and the entire Soros funded Occupy movement teed up to kick off the race against the quintessential “One Percenter” –Mitt Romney, you can get your popcorn because the lies will only get juicier!  Democrats will take every opportunity to turn American against American, and to create strife wherever they can.  That is what they do best.

If Republicans have any hope of winning the election in 2012 with presumed candidate Mitt Romney, I guess we had better hope that Democrats will go too far in their attacks of Mitt Romney, and crash into their own mountain, again.

Thank you, Hilary!  I hope you get a promotion.