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Tea Party Youth on The Dr. Gina Show


Archived below are the Tea Party Youth segments that can be heard on the Dr. Gina Show each Wednesday in the 4pm Central time hour with the national founder of Tea Party Youth Lyda Loudon

On Feb 15th, Lyda interviewed Tyler Hinsley of the NAPA Tea Party about the question he asked of the presidential candidates at the nationally televised debate.
02-15-12 Dr Gina Show Lyda Loudon – Tea Party Youth Segment

On March 7th, Lyda talked with Madeline McAulay of about being a teenage political activist.
03-07-12 Dr Gina Show Lyda Loudon of Tea Party Youth with Madeline McAulay

On March 14th, Lyda discussed Senator Santorum’s success in the Southern states with with Alabama Students for Rick Santorum President, Shane Bias.
03-14-12 Dr Gina Show Lyda Loudon w Shane Bias of Students for Santorum

On March 21st, Lyda and Stephen Siao,  President of the Tennessee College Republicans President,  discussed the debt being placed on generation Y, and his video, “We Are the Debt Generation.”
03-21-12 Dr Gina Show Tea Party Youth Segment w Lyda Loudon – guest Stephen Siao

On March 28th, Lyda interviewed the founder of the Harvard Tea Party, Lucas Scanlon, about what it means to be an influential and patriotic as a young person.
03-28-12 Dr Gina Show with Lyda Loudon of Tea Party Youth and Lucas Scanlon of Harvard Tea Party

On April 4th, Alex Schriver of the College Republican National Committee joined Lyda for the Tea Party Youth Segment of the Dr. Gina Show to talk about the Alabama A & M event featuring Louis Farrakhan.
04-04-12 – Lyda Loudon with Alex Schriver of CRNC

On April 11th, Lyda spoke with Malibu City Councilman, Skylar Peak who came in first in a seven-way race… he was also the youngest!
04-11-12 Dr. Gina Show – Lyda Loudon of Tea Party Youth with Malibu City Councilman Skylar Peak

On April 20th, Lyda discussed a proposed Constitutional amendment with Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots.
04-20-12 – Lyda Loudon with Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots

On April 25th, Samuel Saffa of the movie Sons of Georgia joined Lyda to talk about his experience in film making.
04-25-12 Dr Gina Show Tea Party Youth Lyda Loudon with Samuel Saffa

On May 2nd, Lyda spoke with Liz Santorum about her time on the campaign trail with her father.
05-02-12 Dr Gina Show – Lyda Loudon of Tea Party Youth with Liz Santorum

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