‘October Baby’ Review: A Poignant Tribute to Healing and Forgiveness

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“October Baby” will be the movie pick for those looking for a film that honestly encompasses amazing cinematography, phenomenal writing, compelling plot, gut-busting comedy and an array of human emotions rivaling any movie ever released in theaters.

Lead actress Rachel Hendrix has broken onto the movie scene in a way that secures her future in acting with a supporting cast that builds her character to a crescendo.


I have to be honest and say I am seldom impressed with “Christian” movies, no matter how important the message. “Baby” pushed nothing, only gave and conversed, and yet it connects with its audience in ways too numerous to count. It is top quality in every way, and left me wanting absolutely nothing.

“October Baby” is the story of beautiful 19-year-old Hannah (Hendrix) who suffers from mysterious health problems. She discovers that the source of her illness had always been kept secret. She is an adopted abortion survivor. Feeling alienated from her family, she sets out on a road trip to find and confront her birth mother.

The movie kept revealing layers, but not in a way that was complicated or hazy. In the end, I wanted to stand and cheer, but I felt so personally exposed for all I was feeling that I just sat and stared until all of the credits ran their course.


One line to listen for that defines the movie is “to be human is to be beautifully flawed.” The raw and honest performance of John Schneider as the film’s vulnerable patriarch set the stage for a cast that could only be called landmark.

“October Baby” was sensitively filmed in Alabama, highlighting the beauty of a state that is too often underrated and overlooked. The shots of the Gulf Shore made me want to hop in a VW Van named Evelyn and get there as fast as the little blue van would put (where IS Evelyn? I want her!) .

The only criticism I can think of, very honestly, is that I know it was edited down a bit and the movie left me wanting more. I will be in line for the uncut version when it comes out on DVD.

If you have ever forgiven, if you have ever been forgiven, if you have ever felt loss or caused pain, if you have ever survived, or been wounded – if you have been a parent, or a child, if you have sent a child to college, or you have wished you had different parents – if you have aborted, adopted, been adopted, or simply wondered about the human emotions involved in those mysterious life experiences—you will be compelled by this movie, and will leave changed for the better. Oddly, I want to add that you will leave with what really matters to you more clearly defined, firmly established, and thankful for it.

This movie is the must see film for this season of thankfulness, and this is the must see weekend. “October Baby” has a message that will leave you celebrating your life in ways you never knew you could.