The 5th Column in the U.S.

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The 5th Column in the U.S.

“Workers of the World Unite”

Karl Marx, the infamous German political philosopher had a vision.  Marx, together with Joseph Engels, predicted and even called for the dismantling of capitalist economic systems worldwide into a socialist and ultimately classless communist world.  24thState will be asking the question of the late Mr. Marx, “How is that working out for you?”


In a series of columns, we will expose the 5th column in the United States.  We will name names and expose the ties from David Axelrod, who just visited St. Louis referring to some GOP presidential contenders as “nutty folks,” to active Marxists and communist party loyalists in Congress and even the Missouri General Assembly.  We will expose their plans and how even their favorite Republican member of Congress (yes, they have one) works to fulfill them.

If we contemplate for a second, whether it is realistic to assume that the Marxists quit being Marxists, in Russia, China and even the U.S., can we assume that the workers of the world decided to not unite?  Did they pack up their tents and go home?  Are Russian and Chinese leaders relinquishing power and creating new constitutional republics?  Did the Communist Party USA shut their doors or just change their tactics? The answers to these questions are unquestionably obvious but uncomfortable to contemplate.

First published in 1848, the Manifesto had ten very specific goals (briefly examine their progress in the U.S. here).  The most alarming tenet however, may be the assertion that communism will never really work until the entire world is communist.  In other words, the true believers have a duty to spread it.  What then is the duty of those opposed to it?  What is IT?


Another alarming tenet of Marxism is the Machiavellian notion that the idea is so important and people so naturally resistant, that deception, propaganda and assorted treachery are not just hallmarks, but mandates.  The history of their “class struggle” shows us their conviction that some must die.  We wonder if Marx and Engels would have desired that upwards of 100 million should die.  When you add up the slaughter of the “less useful” of the “useful idiots” in the lexicon of the Leninists, we have over 35 million human beings “sacrificed” for the cause in Russia alone.  Add in Pol Pot, Castro, Chairman Mao and the estimated 3.5 million dead and still dying daily in North Korea, utopia has what most of us would view as one unacceptably high price.  Some evidently are so untroubled by that legacy that they seek to spread the ideology of death despite the clear and modern existence of communist regimes like North Korea which kills people daily.  Where are the calls of the Marxists of the world for North Korea to stop killing people?  Where are the calls of the leftists in Congress to China to stop paying bounties on escaped North Koreans who are sent back to die?  The deafening silence is the natural sign of an allied relationship.  The hard leftists view China as the partner.

If you ask a naval admiral who he or she fears the most, you will here it is China.  The backwards Marxist state turned economic super power also has the most treacherous anti-ship missile known to man.  Their spies have surpassed the Russians in both U.S. Government and corporate espionage.  Worse, China and Russia have formed a military alliance even bringing Pakistan into their military alliance; the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

So if Russia and China are the first two columns allied against us, East and West, and Cuba and Venezuela make up the third column, certainly radical Islam is the fourth.  We know that they work together allying against our interests around the world, against any civil, peaceful nation that is not communist or radicalized Islamist.  So could the U.S. suffer a fifth column?  Of course we could.  Is it radical Islamic terror cells, Marxists, or both?  If they are here, what goals would they have?  Disarming us, maybe?

So while we bask in the blissful ignorance that the Cold War is over and China is our friendly neighborhood banker ever since Nixon went there, the Islamists, and communists among us are working for “change.”  What are they changing?  We know that the Democrats had two non-negotiable demands out of the failed budget deal:  tax increases and military decreases.  Do we have your attention yet?