Union Bosses + Baby Killers = BHO BFF

He relates to the “common man.” That is as long as your definition of “common” is country club frequenting, golf playing, jet setting, government growing, billion dollar donors. Yeah. That’s pretty much the definition of “common”–at least if you are BHO!

Common guys pay 30k per plate to dine with folks like Cecile Richards all the time. It doesn’t hurt that Cecile is the lobbyist for Planned Parenthood and CEO of an illustrious baby killing factory. Those are merely details, I am sure. Oh! And it has nothing to do with the fact that the baby killing entity spends about $40 million dollars each election to help their BFF’s (the Dims) retain their power.

Common guys do sleep overs with BHO all the time–right? Well, Richard Trumka (head of the AFL-CIO)does. He has spent more nights in the White House than anyone else. But I am certain that has NOTHING to do with the $1 Billion (yes, with a B) that Unions donated to elect BHO. It is just coincidence.

BHO loves to talk about evil corporate greed. What comes to mind? Big Oil? Big Pharma? Big Real Estate? Well, not exactly. Best friends keep secrets. That is why BHO continues to hush the fact that Union Thuggery (some call it lobbying) is the single most powerful lobby in the Country and probably the world. Job killing union bosses give more money to politicians than Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Real Estate combined. But those dollars ripped from the pockets of good, hardworking Americans don’t go to Republicans, almost ever. More than 90% of the dollars taken from union folks goes directly to Dims. The other 10%, most assuredly goes to the most liberal RINO’s.

So BHO knows who his friends are. The question for those who call themselves conservative or even moderate, or common…do you know who your friends are?