SHARP REPORT: My Tribute to Dr. Laura

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For the last seven years I have been the Technical Director for the Dr. Laura Program. This has been an educational and maturing experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. Laura she has a right to her opinion and you have a right to yours. I find it interesting how some people talk about being open minded and tolerant yet they attack with venomous anger those who disagree with them. I am also sick of people accusing her of being a racist because of the incident with a caller in August.

It was frustrating to watch pundits and Al Sharpton ignorantly distort what Dr. Laura said. I know this woman and I can tell you this for certain, she is not a racist. Even though I will not be joining her as she moves to Sirius XM, I love watching her detractors froth with rage because they can no longer threaten her affiliates and sponsors.

Dr. Laura has been a friend and mentor and I want to publically wish her the best as she begins a new chapter in her life. Change is difficult and I must now change as well. I am excited and open to any and all opportunities that will come my way in the coming months.

Thank you for supporting the show and following my career. Radio is my first love and I will continue to host Uncommon Ground and The Sharp Report. Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Stay Sharp!