Next Steps Part 1: Drag Your Friends to the Polls!

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Vote Today, Celebrate Tonight, Demand More Tomorrow

As America-loving Americans go to the polls today, they begin the process of wrestling control on the Country back from the secular progressives who love this Country less. Yes, I have heard the crap about “we all want the same things, but just disagree on how to get there”. Right. President Obama does not love America. He loves France and he loves himself. America is a place he wants to reshape into France. As we begin the three-step process to re-take D.C. the next question is how our leaders will reshape America? That is challenge number Two. Challenge number Three is coming.

Now is the time for voting smart. In a post on Breitbart’s Big Government, I laid out the data that showed there is a lot to be excited about for the new Republicans in the Senate. Despite frustrations over high-profile votes like TARP and Cash for Clunkers, several Republican Congressmen poised to win Senate seats have records far more fiscally conservative than the incumbents they would replace. We need to put our rational hats on and vote for them. Most notably, the 24th State’s own Kit Bond rates 35th most conservative and will certainly be replaced by Roy Blunt who is 6th! Even Mark Kirk, who frustrates many in Illinois for a record that seems RINOesque, would be the 22nd on the LiGIE scale (Limited Government Intervention in the Economy). While taking the House is a great step, and taking the Senate may seem like merely the cherry on the top, consider the judges. Were we to take the Senate we could block the most obnoxious judicial nominees. As hardened leftists lose their ability to cram their marxism down our throats through legislation, they will look to the leftist judges who commune in the other door shove it through, err, that way. So it matters not if you were disappointed by these Congressmens’ primary victories, support them now!

Please, harass your friends today! In a primary campaign, I once faced a better funded opponent. Out of necessity, I made the decision to mail nicer pieces to fewer people and discovered something amazing in the process. There were 45,000 households and I mailed just the 15,000 who voted frequently. My wife fielded calls from panicked friends as who received mail from my opponent and nothing from me. As I explained to my wife, some of our closest friends were part of that 30,000 people who just rarely bothered to vote. I am calling them this year. You need to call yours.

So what are we voting for? That largely depends on the leadership we get tomorrow. Putting conservatives in these seats who select moderates as their rulers will give us very little. Will the Congress give us Speaker Boehner? Let me be among the first to say, I hope not. We do not need another Hastert. There is little indication that Boehner will go out on any limbs and lay out the positive vision America needs, from protecting the boarders to forcing a vote on all of the Bush tax cuts without exception.

In Missouri, conservatives who elected a 23:11 majority are so frustrated about so little legislative action that have taken the extraordinary step of seeking public engagement in the State Senate leadership battle. This is a good battle to have. The leadership really is the difference.

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