Dem Senate Candidate Carnahan Reveals Her ‘Glenn Beck’ Strategy (Leaked Audio)

As seen on Big Government

If you love the Constitution, Robin Carnahan thinks you are sheep to be led to political slaughter. If you listen to Glenn Beck, she believes she can use that against you to get herself elected.

In this leaked tape made at a fancy, high dollar campaign fundraiser in Santa Fe (a real woman of the people in Missouri, huh?), she explains her cynical election strategy. She espouses an elitist notion that there are enough rubes in Missouri who will vote for anything that says the word “Constitution” such as a Constitution Party candidate.

Another embarassing revelation is the notion that she can help leverage Glenn Beck followers to go along and be part of the 6% she needs. She is clever enough to know that getting 50% of the popular vote is nearly impossible for a hard leftist, especially in a red or swing state heartland state like Missouri. So her path to victory actually relies on 6% of Missourians from Beck supporters to strict Constitutional adherents to vote third party, for her, or not at all so that she can sneak away with the anti-Constitutional remainder of the vote. She elaborates in the tapes that her strategy is to invite debates with the third party candidates to build momentum for their followers to vote for them and chip away at Roy Blunt’s wide margins.

Anyone who respects our elective process (as the current Secretary of State–it is her duty to ensure free and fair elections) would not work to manipulate that process. At least she gives a tip of the hat to the fact that a majority of Missourians support the Constitution by their refusing to support her (in numbers over 50%).

The question is this: Will the Show-Me state voters rise up to show her that they are not sheeple at all, and speak to the fact that the elective process in Missouri is not to be manipulated by someone who wants to continue the devastating policies of BHO, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of those who simply cannot relate to those who still value the US Constitution?

My bet is they will. If Robin Carnahan has not learned by now that the independent, freedom loving, conservatives far outnumber the socialists who want to control us, she will on November 2.