About That ‘Endowed by Their Creator’ Omission, Mr. President…

As a Harvard-trained lawyer, are we really to believe that BHO II forgot the most famous line in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence?

There are only three options that explain why Obama omitted the words “by the Creator” in his speech to Hispanics over the weekend.

1. The teleprompter was loaded incorrectly–omitting the words “by the Creator.”
2. The teleprompter was loaded correctly—and Obama misread it, omitting the words “by the Creator” accidentally.
3. The teleprompter was loaded correctly—and Obama omitted the words “by the Creator” intentionally.

The first possibility illustrates cowardice by Obama– if “by the Creator” was omitted by a speechwriter (and not ordered so by POTUS) then why aren’t heads rolling?

The second option would illustrate ineptitude on the part of the Harvard-educated “constitutional lawyer.” If “by the Creator” was in the teleprompter, and Obama “forgot,” then it is a gaffe to remember, such as his “57 states” remark during his campaign. Where are the Dan Quayle genre jokes by late night television folks mocking his stupidity? Don’t suppose we’ll hear much from the LSM about that one!

The third option illustrates arrogance in BHO–If the teleprompter was loaded correctly—and Obama omitted the words “by the Creator” intentionally, then who, exactly does he think he is? Would the same media that is jabbing conservatives for their complaints refrain from complaining if, say, Sarah Palin forgot to mention the First Amendment (free speech, press, religion) when reciting the Bill of Rights?

All of this is far more interesting considering the pattern of this administration for both ignoring Christian events, even the non-sectarian “National Day of Prayer,” while hosting state dinners honoring Islamic events such as Ramadan. We should be shocked that a man of his credentials did not immediately remedy the glaring omission either as he read it or shortly thereafter.

So, inept, arrogant, or coward? Hmmmm….

For the record, the White House has the speech, sans Creator, proudly posted on its website. You will find it in the third paragraph from the last, in which he asks God to bless America. Here is the proper text. Perhaps the greatest arrogance is Obama’s ultimate request for God to bless a nation that cuts His name out of the credits.