One Big Gay Mistake

The ruling on Proposition 8 is potentially the Roe v. Wade of this generation. Patriots all over the Country are rising up motivated primarily in opposition to profligate Federal spending. There is a huge undercurrent desire to restore State Sovereignty which is unique in the American experiment. Our Founding Fathers meant for an extremely limited Federal government to handle only those duties expressly assigned to them and let the States handle most. They even clarified this position with the 10th Amendment which expressly reserved power to the States. Had you told a Founder in Philadelphia in 1779, that you believed the federal government should be regulating abortion “rights” or marriage “questions” they would have locked you up in an asylum as clearly delusional.

So one should not be surprised that progressives who could find a Constitutional right to “privacy” buried deep in the penumbras of that precious document, could also find a Constitutional “right” for men to marry men or a man to marry multiple women for that matter. How about the right of a Missouri man who did his State proud by telling the BBC that he wanted to marry his horse?

So we have two salient questions. The first is whether or not gay marriage should be allowed. The question raised today is what to do now that the far left in their misguided zeal and love of totalitarian government has totally usurped the authority of people to come together in their “several states” and pass the laws they see fit. It is shocking and utterly appalling that such a clear position as expressed by a solid majority of the people of California could be set aside by one pompous ass appointed judge. The arrogance and judicial irresponsibility produced a hideous new conflict. The fact that the judge is rumored to be gay doesn’t give that majority a lot of faith in his impartiality.

State Sovereignty advocates who favor a limited Federal role now have to consider a position I now must grudgingly endorse–the only way to respect the rights of Californians and solid majorities in nearly every State that has had a simple up or down referendum on gay marriage, is to pass a United States Constitutional Amendment declaring marriage to be between one man and one woman.

In a society where most would fight for one’s right to live freely in the lifestyle they would choose, the militant left has pushed people into a corner. That same freedom loving mega-majority will now be left to fight for their position on a National scale, and my guess is that the greed the left has started will end in a grand finale they would never have wanted to begin with.